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Why smart thermostats don’t work in commercial buildings –

There are many intelligent devices that can help you create a ‘smart home’ platform. For temperature control specifically, there are many options to improve control of a residence. You may already have a Nest or Ecobee smart thermostat in your home.


You might also have asked – why doesn’t this technology exist for commercial spaces as well?


The benefits of installing a Nest-like technology are obvious – greater temperature control, remote monitoring, and detailed feedback on your energy consumption. Energy savings is one of the strongest arguments for a smart thermostat, as outlined in Nest’s white paper on the topic. Commercial buildings want all of these same benefits, but the market for a large-scale building wireless solution is sparse.


There are many reasons why these solutions don’t exist around commercial buildings, mostly having to do with questions around security and cost on available technology. Network security is a top issue, with Wi-Fi being a major concern in commercial buildings. If you have a system connected to Wi-Fi, you could be at risk for being hacked. Notably, Target suffered a massive data breach in 2014 when its Wi-Fi-enabled HVAC system was compromised, which gave the hackers access to their entire customer network – as a result, 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen. Not good.


Cost is very prohibitive for building automation systems – you can install a wired intelligent system, but retrofit or renovation costs often price themselves out of the market with existing buildings. Building managers don’t always have the available capital to finance expensive projects, so even though they may be able to save money in the long run, they can’t afford the installation.


Cost and security are two of the main reasons why smart thermostats don’t work in commercial buildings. That’s where we come in.


Control Your Commercial Building from Anywhere


Commercial building operators are busy and managing a number of competing priorities. To make their lives easier and increase their building’s energy-efficiency, a Wi-Fi thermostat for commercial buildings is what you need. The new, sleek touch-screen thermostats allow for control of a building’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system from anywhere in the world - from within their facility, or via smartphone, tablet or computer.


An intuitive touchscreen interface to manage settings locally;

Remote connectivity

Automatic, secure log-in to the cloud

Over-the-air software updates, ensuring it always has the latest comfort technology;

Automatic service and maintenance alerts through SMS text and eMail.


Support for up to four heating and three cooling stages, making it compatible with most commercial HVAC systems;

Fan and humidity control for enhanced occupant comfort;

Support for remote temperature sensors, allowing control of heating and cooling based on the average temperature in the building versus the temperature in the thermostat location only;

Demand response ready, allowing it to receive and respond to energy-saving signals from local utility providers



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